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Funny stuff that I just kinda wanna look back and laugh at   
12:23pm 07/04/2011
  me: you know i wish michael scott was a real life person so i could hang out with him

curtis.koehler: No you don't. You should wish you could hang out with real people you already don't get to hang out with. I won't name any names ahem me. Or point any fingers at ahem me.

me: well you me and michael could hang out together!

curtis.koehler: I'm pretty sure I wouldn't want to be third wheel there. You'd be trying to mount the fella.
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05:25pm 27/03/2011
  I think Im gonna start posting blog type shit on Tumblr. I signed up for it not knowing really what it is, but like the format better and I think it has more to offer as way of entertainment. Anyone on it?  
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10:48am 16/01/2011
mood: busy
Life has been really weird and busy for me so far in 2011. I have been pretty social lately. Last weekend, hung out each day I was off. Yep. And this weekend has been more of the same. Last night was pretty fun. Went to this Fundraiser for Guadalupe in my neighborhood. My roommate Hannah is on the neighborhood board and was on the news being interviewed. It was really amazing to see the neighborhood come together for this girl that was shot in our hood. Then, Danielle, Anna and I came back here and hung out and then they left and then I hung out and partied with my roommates and their friends. This guy had good stuff, so I got really fucked up and passed out. Now, Im up and giong to my mom's for lunch. And get to see Riley.

Ohh and here's the most exciting news! Im going on a cruise to the Caribbean in March. It's a 4 or 5 day cruise. You fly into Miami, so we could get like a day to hang out in Miami, then get on the cruise and it will take us to Key West and Cozumel and someplace else I think. Pretty cool. My friend is paying fori t and then Danielle and I are paying her back. Don't you love friends with student loans coming in? So I am super excited for that because i need a fucking vacation and get away from this stupid snow. And something to look forward to. And we all know how I feel about islands. I could live on one. Heck, I may never come back.

Then next weekend, I have a date. Actually probably two. One is for surely scheduled, the other we need to plan that. I hope one of them is promising. They both probably are. What if they both work out...I could be a playa. haha jk. I can't do that shit. I am hoping now that Im putting the effort forth, that maybe I will find me a nice gentleman.

Now, for the more shitty part of 2011. Let's see, apparently my roommate Taylor had this shady dude over, Ive seen him 3 separate times here. But this was the first night he has crashed on our couch. Apparently, after we all went to bed he was inviting people over. This is what Bobby, one of Hannah's good friends said and he's trustworthy. And he said it made him feel awkward so yeah. Someone stole my makeup. SO now I have none. I am pretty pissed off about it. Then this week within 2 days, got 3 tickets for expired tabs. They mean business this year. I don;'t have time or money for that currently. So my car is in the garage and I am driving around in the Firebird. But now Joe can work on my car and I can drive the little sports car in the meantime. The kicker is Eleanore though.

Eleanore has been having urinary issues since Ive had her. She had a UTI once and put her on antibiotics and it cleared up. But she's always sort of had accidents every now and again or like to pee in plants. I dunno, whatever the case...these red blood cells keep popping up in her urine so we did Xrays. The radiologist took a look at them and they think one of ureters might not be connected right or something crazy.... also crazy expensive. So now she has to have these special tests. The best thing is to go to the U oF M Vet Center. That would cost over 1000 dollars. And I don't have that kind of money, so we are going to do it at the clinic whcih isn't ideal, but can be done and I can get my 75% discount so it's only 300. Hopefully she won't need surgery....Soo yeah.

That's een 2011 so far. Pretty good, pretty sucky. But no worse for the wear. Motherfucka, Im goin' to the Caribbean. It's going to feel so good to get away and I haven't seen the ocean in many years now so Im super excited for that.
10:56pm 01/12/2010
  Is trying to decide if purchasing a used big screen tv is really necessary for my bedroom..... I have a perfectly nice 32 inch in a very nice tv stand. It's all very nice, but it can always be better.  
10:48pm 22/10/2010
  all I have to say is BURN MOTHERFUCKER BURN.  
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09:31am 03/09/2010
  I like to start my day out with bubblegum pop from the 60's while getting ready for work. What else could prepare my for annihilation for the day?

I also think that this fall weather for fuck off respectfully. Summmer all year long would make me happy. Which has now lead to my obsession with one day to try my hand at island living....
09:29am 12/08/2010
  Ive come to the realization I don't really like MN that much. It's okay, but it gets too cold in the winter and Im not made for winter.... I want to move somewhere.....tropical. Im the only fucking Minnesotan that likes when it's hotter than than a burning stove? yeshhh. I spinned the globe at work ended up in Australia. I could live there...easily or New Zealand.... maybe one day.  
Now Im ready to go anywhere   
07:33pm 11/07/2010
mood: thoughtful
So Tjay came over last night and we were making out on my bed while listening to oldies. So we were in the middle of making out and he broke the kiss and asked if I was his girlfriend. I laughed a little and said sure and then asked if he was my boyfriend. Then we kissed some more while Dream a Little Dream by the Mamas and Papas played on.

I think I really do like him though. It's not something that's easy to admit after being single for so long and trying to just stay that way and not let some guy walk into my life and throw off all the routines but then again...I am sort of enjoying being thrown off my routines.

He's going to be visiting family til Thursday. I think Im going to miss him more than I want to admit. I wish he was here right now I could just kiss him cuz I think about kissing him all the time. He's a good kisser too. I feel like we are well matched. I feel comfortable around him. Hopefully these feeling never have to end but there's always an end.....
07:59am 28/05/2010
  The big move is this weekend. Im nervous/excited. Im mostly worried about Saxon and this whole thing. My fragile sweet little man. Eleanore seems to .....I use this term loosely...using her liter box.

It's been a sad week too. Lost is over. I think it's safe to say to put Lost in the same calibur as X-Files. My two favorite shows of all time..at least Lost gave the finale sommmme justice. There was finality. So I guess no Lost movie. hahaha. Im going to rewatch the series with a friend from work annnd drink beerz. And Im also rewatching X-Files.... I also need to get outside. Oh yeah and at least most anyone important showed up in the finale so double bonus points.

Summer will be great. Perfectly great. I just know it. Ive been talking a couple guys and hopefully something will pan out in the dude department soon and then everything will be swell. Full time job, friends, my cats, a little extra money, and if my car can get me to work and back then I have no complaints.
new kitten   
07:17am 14/05/2010
  I think i am now the owner of a new kitten. Im not sure it 's even 8 weeks old yet. But someone left these 2 little kittens outside our door yesterday morning. It's an all black cat. I wanted to get a forever friend for Saxon anyway. Sure, roommates have cats, but I feel bad to take Saxon's friends away from him forever so now he can have a little sister. Now the part of coming up with a creative name.... Im good at coming up with boy names, but not really girl names. Anyways gonna get her all dewormed, and make sure she's feleuk negative and distemper. Im excited and nervous at the same time. Plus Im in the process of moving so this is not good timing so I may have to board her the weekends until I move so I can get things done. blah blah blah. Unless I find a cat sitter.... haa. Actually I bet I could find a cat sitter at work. We are all weaklings when it comes to kitten sitting anyways.

In other news, moving sucks. Im gonna g et as much done tomorrow as possible. And then Sunday some street fair in uptown so Im gonna go to that with afew people and it will be a busy weekend. Luckily it's a 3 day weekend!
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the one time the government has come thru   
08:14am 06/05/2010
  So I was really poor...like didn't have money for food poor and didn't think Id get to eat today. It happens occasionally. Anyways, I checked my bank account to make sure I still had a dollar something and not negative a lot of dollars..not that I expected that, but you know... anyway to find out my income tax went thru. I get to eat today!!! The little things we take for granted. And tomorrow is pay day so life just got a lot easier cuz it was gonna be a penny pinching 2 weeks after rent and bills. To breath again. I hate money.  
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07:50am 05/05/2010
  yesterday at work we amuptated a bearded dragons tail, had a dental on a dog that had half its tongue ripped out by another dog, and another dog came in at the end who's ear had been bitten thru by another dog. tis the season. Oh and someone called in about their dad PURPOSELY stepping on a new born kitten cuz it was bleeding from its nose...who the fuck does that? Why not just step on its head and kill it.... no they decided to step on its side and make it suffer to death. I hate people!

It's Wednesday so that means it's going to be crazy!

I dunno what else to say. Life is so busy I don;t know where to start. Lots of things happening I guess. ah fuck it. Im gonna sleep some more before work.
08:45am 29/04/2010
  It's been a rough week at work...more like last week at work. On the same day...Potter :( one of my favorite puppies who was just in 2 weeks ago got hit by a car and died. He was only a little over a year. People need to slow down and this girl I work with her 8 month old kitten died of Lymphoma. This is her 2nd kitten...the first died aroudn the same age of some foreign body. It's really hard to see them come and go just like that. One day alive, the next dead. And one of my fav golden retriever Juniper kicked the bucket too. Hopefully this summer will bring better luck to these little creatures.

In other news.. been busy. Work, wedding, getting ready to move, punk rock prom, Saxon's first birthday party (yes, my cat gets a bday party), going to see the Business (even got on the guest list) among other things to pop up Im sure. That's my life in a nutshell.

Did you know the Beau Brummels named themselves that so they would be next to the Beatles in record stores. They are trying to be a cheap knock off and they only had a string of hit songs. Not even a string, like 2. Nice try. I do like them however but still. Like any of you know who the Beau Brummels are. Im just listening to them right now. But I do like their hit Laugh, Laugh. Not to be confused with the Guess Who's Laughing. yESS.

Oh and get this Screeching Weasel is coming here in July!!!! I should get ready for work.,
11:13pm 06/04/2010
mood: relaxed
I don't even like horror movies that much, but I had an idea for one and it would feature the song Build me up buttercup..... it would be that kind of movie. Jealous boyfriend gets revenge. yes. there will be blood. there will be guts. there will be revenge. yeah?
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04:13pm 22/03/2010
  I put on my size 14 shorts and they fit! holy shit. I wasn't expecting that. This is the motivation I need to keep going for it. I also don't eat meat anymore. Maybe occasionally, but not often. I haven't had it in awhile.So Im sure that helps too. Im just really excited. I could not fit into them last year.

Im also excited to move/ But also dreading it. AmaZING.
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happy happy joy joy time   
12:48am 14/12/2009
mood: relaxed
So it's that time of year and I still haven't really done any Christmas shopping. tisk tisk. Next weekend I spose. I won't be so poor then.

Im entering day 3 of a 4 day weekend. It's pretty sweet. I like paid days off. Ive never really had a job that does that. It feels really weird to have this much free time. I kind of miss going to work. But relaxation and time is nice. Tomorrow I plan to go to my parents to do laundry and hang out.

I also have a date this tuesday and Im actually excited about it. This one may have some potential. He's pretty nice. We have a lot in common. He's not a hipster douchebag which seems to be my MO a lot of times. He can give me a run for my money when it comes to music which is pretty cool and he's pretty tall and I like tall guys for whatever reason. Anyways wish me luck!

I also had my doctor take a look at Saxon and I have now been given the go ahead to start weaning him off kitten food. sad! my little boy is growing up so fast. He's 9.7lbs. I don't know how, but he is. Little fatty mcfatty.

Anyways I really like Christmas time and all the lights and yeah that's about it. I like the tree. THat's the best part. I miss having a real tree. But you have to make due sometimes.

Oh yeah Im totally addicted to Lost. Im currently making my way thru season 5. Intense stuff. I wonder what season 6 will have in store. Anyways I sleepy.
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10:15am 07/12/2009
  There is nothing more horrendous than having to go to work when you are cramping. Horrendous. Cuz if I didn't have to go to work, I could get high and pass out thru this whole ordeal. poor me!!! poor poor me!

In other news Saxon, my kitty cat is like getting so big now. Growing into such a handsome cat. He knows it too. puurrrr pur puuuurrrr!!!

I am also watching A Hard Days Night. ha. I dont care, I like this movie. But not as much as I love Help!
tis the season   
10:37am 29/11/2009
mood: annoyed
So the night of thanksgiving someone broke into mycar and stole my cd book of allll my good music. The music I listen to frequently or just bought recently. Some of it hard to find. Im just really annoyed. They also cleaned out my glove compartment and side console. I mean really.... and stole my lighters. I don't think I had anything too personal in my car. But they did not take my Against Me cd... but they stole the Milkshakes cd. I know I need to join the digital age and just get an ipod and store music digitally. But that's not always safe either because ipods can break and it's a lot of work to copy music to my computer and then upload it to an ipod/mp3 player. But that's besides the point.... Luckily I had gone back out for my cell phone or Id be really fucked. I just feel so violated. This happened right outside my apartment. I live in a nice neighborhood. Sort of a rich part of town even with all the mansions. but I guess whatever. I did clean my car out finally so the temptation to break into it is less. Hopefully that helps.

Yeah, happy thanksgiving.
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08:07pm 17/11/2009
mood: nerdy
I finally got my scrubs for work so now I can look important. How exciting! No more khakis. Khaki is the worst color in the entire world. Now I have like 3 pair of khakis to collect dust in my closet.

Other than that...I dunno. Ive been going on dates. No one interesting yet, but at least Im putting myself out there. I went out with this 23 year old... but realized I should just stick to my 25-32 age range. I am just in a different place in my life compared to a 23 year old just out of college. But I know one thing...Im sick of being the only single person in my group of friends. I had another date with someone else a couple weeks ago. He was 25, but like after an hour of hanging out at the bar and him finding out I live 2 blocks away from said bar, he wanted to go back to my place. Not only that...is your sexual activity really appropiate on a first date and telling a girl on the first date youve had threesomes and have done for fair share of fun and don't like to wait forever before sleeping with the person you are dating. That is NOT what I am looking for. I will find the right guy for me eventually.

I can't wait for the King Kahn and BBQ Show. Possibly could run into my ex there, but I mean...shit...I can't keep worrying about things like that...sort of like how I didnt order from Leaning Tower of Pizza for almost a year cuz a guy that I went out on a few dates with worked there and wanted to avoid an awkward situation. So I ordered and he was my pizza delivery guy. Luckily we just pretended we didn't know each other. Or at least I pretended cuz that's the Minnesota way.

Saxon is like 7 months old now and a little chunker. I should post a picture of him so you can see his cuteness. I don't think I ever posted a pic of him on here. But if you're in the know...you are on my facebook and can see the pics there.

Anyways wish everyone happy holidays and thanksgiving...not necassarly in that order. But chances are good I wont post again for another 6 months. so eat it up !!!!
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as sweet as the punch   
07:36pm 27/07/2009
  And every now and then I spend my time in rhyme and verse.